Our Products And Services

We have many products and services available for small, medium and large business.  We design, develop, program, deploy and train on custom applications & databases for:

Websites Most of the websites we have developed are works for hire for intranet use where the company owns them and they are internal only.  So we cannot put links for you to view them.  But here are a some links to review previous websites we have developed (in alphabetical order).

The following list of websites are fully functional so you can maneuver between pages:

The following list of websites are not fully functional as they are older and in a non-supportive language any longer. But, you can get an idea of some other designs based on their template:

Mobile Devices We have developed applications for: complete inventory system from setting up new customers to selling products and uploading results to central SQL database for management,

calculating drug dosage for the health care industry,  dispatch, barcode scanning automobile VINs
Client/Server Some of our client server applications include: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Payroll, Personnel, Automobile Leasing Calculation and Print Forms, Contact Management Systems, Manufacturing Certificates Of Conformance, Manufacturing Production Summaries, Inventory, Truck Service Dispatching
SharePoint Intranet for enterprise communication and collaboration
Desktops These applications have a single database: Inventory, Meal Preparation Planning, Student Lunch Programs

Many services are available including:

Computers Training is available on how to use the computer. This includes logging in, executing applications, printing, faxing, scanning and internet use.
Applications There are many applications that we train on such as: Microsoft Office products, QuickBooks and Quicken & many more.
Development Tools There are so many tools available to develop your own applications and databases. We can assist with developing the applications, databases and reports.